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Let's talk socks

Hello again.

Hey there.

I am still here.

May 12 a

I spent the first three months of this year, head down, working. It was the good kind of work - exciting, challenging, at moments frustrating, but in the end rewarding. The result? A book. I promise to share more soon. Soon! I think (and hope!) you are going to like it.

I only mention the work as a way to explain the all-is-quiet here on the blog front. I have missed you all. Missed sharing what I am working on and, more importantly, missed writing about it all. And, truthfully, just writing, in general. I feel like I have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head that I want to put down on paper (or up in space, as the case may be). I just need to do it. What better time than the present?

Things of note, that I would like to discuss further:

my love of knitting socks

how my girls are growing up and how it freaks me out and reassures me at the same time

my newest favorite color combination

my struggle with all the things I want to make and how I manage not to make any of them

Right now, though, I am going to share some photos of peonies because why not?

May 12 peonies 2

May 12 peonies

Back soon. I promise.




Oh that part of all the things you want to make and not making them. I know just how you feel - so glad you're back :)


So happy to see you here! I miss reading blogs and writing on a blog, all of it. Life is a crazy ride, huh?


Welcome back and aren't peonies just beyond wonderful. Amaze me every year!

Lisa S

ooooh another book ?!?! exciting !! hi.


Yes to all those worthy discussions. I'll keep reading to see what if you find any answers for us lol
Welcome back:)


Glad you are back!

Erin | house on hill road

Thank you, Julie!


this just made me smile... BIG! i have missed you! xx

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