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Make Your Own Medallion: Available NOW

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My newest book, Make Your Own Medallion: Mix and Match Borders to Build Your Quilt from the Center Out, is available now. This book has been a long time coming and I am beyond thrilled that it is finally out in the world for you all to hold, see and use.

The idea for this book came to me when I wanted to make a medallion quilt, but couldn't find any resources to do so. Never one to shy away from a sewing challenge, I jumped in and started fiddling around with fabric. As I made my quilt, I kept thinking about how there needed to be a book about customizing medallions - different centers, different blocks for borders, multiple sizes of blocks with the math all figured out. Really, all the tricks and tools that I wish I could have had at my fingertips when I started my medallion.

Spoiler Alert: I WROTE THE BOOK!

Actually, that is over-simplified. I pitched my idea to Susanne Woods of Lucky Spool Media and, with her guidance, developed the idea into Make Your Own Medallion.  The book contains all you need to design your own medallion quilt - 30 individual blocks in three to six sizes each and 6 stand-alone center medallions. Think of this book as the chose-your-own adventure version of quilting. Pick a center and add to it border by border! And no need to worry about the math - I did it all for you! If designing your own quilt isn't your thing, I've got you covered with 6 full quilt patterns, each with a unique medallion. There really is something for everyone in here!

I'm going to take some time over the next few weeks to highlight the different quilts and medallions here on the blog. I want to show you how to use the book and get those creative juices flowing. I've already seen a few glimpses of projects on Instagram and it makes me so happy to see people jumping in and starting their own project. If you make something and post it, please tag me and use the hashtag #makeyourownmedallion . I am so excited to see what you all make using the book! I have some quilt-along plans up my sleeve, too. Stayed tuned for that!

 Make Your Own Medallion is for sale in my shop (ships for FREE in the US) and I am happy to dedicate and or sign it for you.  Many of your local quilting stores also have it - I know because I've seen photos on Instagram (exciting!). If your local quilt store doesn't have it, ask about it. It can also be found at Amazon (affiliate link) or other book sellers.

Centerpiece quilt by house on hill road

And, for those of you going to QuiltCon, one of the book quilts, Centerpiece (seen above and quilted by Angela Walters), will be hanging in the show. Pinch me! I decided that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see my quilt handing so I will be there to walk the floor and for a book signing (more details on that soon). Fatty is joining me for this adventure! If you see us, please say HELLO. I promise, we don't bite. ;)

Back here soon with more information on the quilts in the book. I'm so excited to share them with you all. Until then, happy quilting!



How great! Congratulations!


So glad you guys are going and I LOVE this book!!! I love all the blocks in different sizes - so handy. As a matter of fact I might need to go sew right now...:-)

Mary Ann

A medallion is on my list for 2018 so I have been reading your book and starting to plan. I have never made one before so I might make one of the quilts you’ve designed before jumping into my own design but you have made it very doable Erin! Great book and I will say Hi if we see you walking the Quiltcon floor!


I've taught making medallions in my studio and am so happy to have a reference book for everyone now! Congrats;)


This is so fantastic, Erin! SO much congratulations coming your way! xx


Congratulations, Erin! I love your first book and can't wait to get my hand on this one. I love the idea of choose your own adventure style quilting. xoxo

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