Fashion Shoot




Meg sent me this amazing vintage blue dress for Kate.  When it arrived on Saturday, she immediately tried it on, then took it off because she didn't want to get it dirty.  It fits perfectly, has lots of twirl and made this little girls eyes light up like a Christmas tree.  She wore it to church yesterday - so stinkin' cute, I tell you.  Thank you so much Meg - she really loves it.

And would you believe this?


Jane came downstairs this morning wearing the shirt.  Yes, the one I made her.  I quickly grabbed the camera for documentation and she was happy to oblige her mom.  Hmmm...I am not sure what prompted it, but I am not complaining.  In fact, I see it as a sign.  I think it's going to be a good day.

The way I work

I asked Kristen to make this necklace for me and I absolutely adore it!  I have been trying to snap a self-portrait while wearing it for a long time now, but never got a good shot.  I put Fatty on the task and he took two photos.  Ta da!


I probably should have asked him sooner since I have had this beautiful little number for at least a month.  And super sweet Kristen won't let me pay for it.  I will have to think of something equally brilliant to gift back because that is just the way I work.

Speaking of the way I work....I am super duper behind on some promised projects.  Poor Sasha and Marianne who won my birthday drawing, still don't have their goods and my end of a couple swaps are a bit tardy, too.  I need to catch up and, luckily, the ladies at the sewing shop gave me a loaner Bernina so I am back in business.  Photos for the rest of the week, people.  I will "talk" to you all later.

From Susan

Last summer when I started my blog, Susan found me through a comment I made somewhere else (am I remembering right, Susan?).  She began commenting on all my posts and I started reading her blog.  We traded emails and swapped some earrings for a belt.  Before you knew it, I had made my first "blog" friend.

Susan is an incredibly talented gal.  She makes beautiful jewelry that she sells through her etsy store.  You should go check it out.  She has an uncanny eye for matching beads and her compositions are stunning.  It's this eye that makes her a wonderful photographer.  In her original intent series, she takes photos and uses them as inspiration for her jewelry.  The results are truly amazing.  You need to go over to her blog and look in the archives (beginning in January) and see what she does.

Not only is she super talented, she is super sweet.  For my birthday, she sent me a little package.  Inside there was a pair of earrings that scream summer.


Aren't they gorgeous?  I cannot wait to wear them with jeans and a white tank top - they are going to be perfect.

She sent something else too.  When I opened this part, I was so excited that I could hardly stand it.


A framed copy of my very favorite original intent photo.  I love it!  I asked for it in a roundabout way.  I love that she remembered and I love that I will think of Susan every time I see this photo hanging in the studio. 

Thanks Susan!  I am so glad that you are my friend.

New Fabric

I just had to have it.  And I couldn't decide which ones, so I bought them all.


Yes, I am talking about Katie Jump Rope, the new line by Denyse Schmidt.  Now, before you think I went all crazy (you are thinking that, aren't you?), I bought fat quarters of every print.  See?  Not as bad as you thought.  You were thinking I bought yardage, weren't you?  They came to me via Cia's Palette and they came super fast too.  I ordered on Saturday and they were on my doorstep Monday at noon.  No special mailing either - the good ol' USPS Priority Mail.

I've had my eye on these prints since last fall when I saw a peek of them on someone's blog (not sure whose, sorry.)  Sally has made some nice things using them and she gave me a little insight as to the exact hues since it is so hard to tell on the computer.  I hemmed and hawed about which ones to buy.  You know I like green so those were a given and blue is always good.  Orange is a new favorite and who doesn't like brown and... well, you get the picture.  I just couldn't choose.

They are beautiful in person - I am especially in love with the greens and blues.   I wish there were a few more red prints, but I am going to make do.  I have a number of projects in mind, but I don't think I can make everything with just a fat quarter.  No way.  I am going to have to buy yardage.  Of some of them, at least.  Yes, you knew it, didn't you?

To: Me, From: Me

I bought one of Sally's beautiful pin + boards - ooh, it is great!


When she opened her shoppe, I stopped by as a browser.  I saw this and quickly became a purchaser!  You know I am a sucker for green and, well, this is the perfect green.  It's the same color as my kitchen and I adore those yellow birds peeking out of the trees.   Sally is one talented lady so I knew I was buying something special.  Her attention to detail is amazing - it is extremely well constructed.  And she threw some extra goodies in the box as well.


Aren't these stickers cute?

Now that I have shown you all my gift to myself, time to get sewing.  I have many gifts to make!

Not a lot of crafting

...but a lot of swapping!  Let me tell you, I love good mail!

The box from my mellow + yellow swap partner, Amy, has been here unopened for over a week.  I finally got my swap package off to her on Tuesday.  Once that was done, I ripped open the box and found this:


Isn't it great?  My very own ice cream bowl and spoon!  I know two little girls that would love to get their mitts on this, but, no way.  This one is for me.  The color is a wonderful turquoise topped off by a lime green daisy.  My two favorite colors together again.  Thanks Amy!  It's wonderful.  And thank you, Marta, for organizing this swap.

I am sure tomorrow's mail will be of the ho hum, ordinary variety.  Too bad - I like the extraordinary kind much better.

It took 7 days...

...for Kirsty's vintage button swap package to get here from Australia.  Only 7 days!  That amazes me.

What also amazed me is the supreme goodness in the package.  Take a look:


Can you believe all that yummy stuff?  And the colors...greens and aquas...swoon!


I love this sweet pincushion with the layered yo-yo's.  It is sitting on a beautiful tiffany blue tray cloth.


See this vintage green ric rac (eek!) and a moo card, too?  I am so lucky!


Saving the best for last.....the buttons!  If pressed, I would have to say the big green flower is my favorite.  Or maybe the green one that is on the envelope.  Or maybe the white oval-y one.  OK, I can't pick.  They are all so fabulous!

Thank you Kirsty from the bottom of my heart!  Your package made my day!



I don't have much today.  I am making progress on the Clementine Shawlette and the first of Jane's socks.  That's about all the crafting I have done.  I took a trip to the fabric store and bought nothing.  Spent some time browsing the yarn store and bought nothing.  Mailorder arrived.  So did my necklace from Mood Swing.  It is wonderful.  Really, really wonderful.  Looking forward to a family dinner and some sewing tomorrow.

All in all, not bad for a hump day.

A Bolt of My Own


Look what arrived in the mail for me!  My very own bolt of Heather Bailey's Freshcut.  Twelve glorious yards.  I am going to use it for curtains and some pillows in my guest room.  The scraps will go into a quilt, I hope.  Some combination of this and this.  At least, that is what I have in my mind.  And it'll have to stay in my mind while I finish up some other projects.  That's okay.  I am pretty happy just looking at it and imagining all the possibilities.

What are you dreaming about making?

Thank You My Friend

Have you visited Sulu-Design lately?  If not, you should. Susan makes beautiful jewelry that she sells in her etsy store.  She has an ongoing series of Original Intent posts where she shows a photograph that she took and then the earrings that were inspired by it.  Not only is the jewelry stunning, her photographs are spectacular.  My favorite Original Intent post can be seen here.  I like everything about the inspiration photo, but I especially liked the earrings.  What's a girl to do?  You got it - I bought them.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the padded envelope and found not one, but two wrapped packages.


Here's what was inside:


The earrings I ordered are on the left and my little gift is on the right.  I adore them!  Thank you Susan!  You shouldn't have (but I am really glad you did!)

P.S.  In case you are wondering, the ankle is a bit better.  I was able to walk today, but am still taking it easy.

Given and Received

I hurt my neck - too much intense knitting is my guess.  Things are at a bit of a standstill over here so I thought I would take the time to thank a couple of wonderful blogging pals for some mail candy I have received in the last couple of weeks.  Follow the links to see.

Stephanie of A Little Deer is an incredibly talented gal.  She sent me this amazing painting.  There are houses.  On a hill.  I love it!  Thank you Stephanie!

This Vintage Chica, Eren, sent me a cool vintage coverlet that I had admired.  I don't know what I am going to do with it yet, but I will make something with it.  She also sent me some very cool vintage napkins (sorry no pics) and a great book   It was extremely generous of her - thanks Eren!

In exchange for the lovely buckets Meg made for me, I sent her some handmade goodies:


a patchwork belt


and a knitted bag.

I am going to try to take it easy and resist the urge to finish the socks in the hopes that my neck/shoulder will heal.  Have a great weekend and don't forget to "spring forward" on Sunday.

Two Valentines

Way back in the beginning of February, the artsy-crafty babe herself sent me this adorable patchwork pouch.


As the weather has been getting nicer, this pouch is seeing lots of use.  It is perfect for a bit of cash, drivers license, lipstick and keys - and it fits in my coat pocket!   Perfect for springtime walks.  Thanks Beki!   I love it!

And along the same heart-shaped lines, here is my Tie One On apron for January/February.


When I made Jane's apron, I promised Kate that I would make her one too, so this is for her.  It's a mini-version of the Adorn Tea Party apron (full size pattern here).  Honestly, I am not too happy with it.  I find it a bit, um, boring.  I would have liked to use some other print on the waist/sash and neck ties, but when a five year-old wants all pink, she gets all pink.  So there, an all pink apron with a conversation heart pocket.  Cupcake...appropriate for the kitchen and a term of endearment for my littlest valentine.

And speaking of cupcakes - check these out.  I want one now.

Post Office Monday

8:06 a.m. - First Trip to the Post Office


Stocked up on priority mail supplies and sent out our Christmas cards (yes, you read it right).  I felt compelled to stamp all the envelopes with Happy Valentine's Day because, although they say, "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All," most likely they will show up on Wednesday.  And talk about mixed messages...the photo of the girls was taken on the Fourth of July, they are wearing red and blue sundresses and waving the flag, and the bottom of the card has 2006 on it.  Oh well, better late than never.

9:47 a.m. - Second Trip to the Post Office



Kate's class field trip to buy stamps and mail letters.  She told me not to look!

3:22 p.m. - Third Trip to the Post Office


Miniswap package finally sent to Amanda and Max!  To see what we gave, click on the photo.

Chances are that if you are expecting something from me (and there are a few of you who are), your box will go in the mail this week, too.  I have a long list of stuff I need and want to do over the next few days.  So, I think I will be posting more photos and less words.  Now, if I could just remember to take my camera with me when I leave the house, I'll be in good shape.

Stash Expansion

While I was away some goodies came in the mail.


This pile is from Superbuzzy.  I couldn't resist these sweet floral stripes (obviously) - they scream summer dresses for the girls.  And the pears?  Well, they are green and I have a thing for green.


Lots of Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy and some Alexander Henry prints - these came in the box from Purl Patchwork.  I like pink, too, you know.  As if you didn't guess...

An update on my jacket....thanks to all your encouragement and tips (you guys rock!), I managed to do the bust adjustment.  I added 3 inches to the length of the jacket also.  Something happened to the sleeves, though, so I am still working on those.  My instructor fitted it and we are adding to the hips and more to the length.  Muslin version number 2 is finished and hopefully by Monday, version 3 will be done and will not need any more adjustments.  I feel like the little engine...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Hi Jane! I'm Jane, too!

Meg's daughter, Jane, and my Jane had themselves a little swap.  These super crafty girls had been working on their goodies for a few weeks and sent the packages off last Thursday.  Sadly, I don't have photos of the package that arrived.  (Call me a bad blogging mom, but the camera battery was dead and I didn't have the heart to make my sick kid wait to open it all.)  You can see it all here.


Jane was so excited and very happy with the goods!  She loves her hot dog buddy and "J" shirt.  Jane also sent my Jane a cd full of great music.  We've been rocking out in the car!

To see what we sent off, head on over to flickr.

Thanks Jane (and Meg)!  I'd say the whole thing was a hit!


The sun is shining! Woo hoo!  I had playground duty at Jane's school today and got my fair share of vitamin D while watching the kids play out in the cold.  Oh happy day!

Something else making me smile is this:


Vintage buttons!  I bought this button card on ebay for a mere $5.50 (plus shipping, I know).  It had writing on the back and the date - July 1948.  It says, "Sent to me from Florence Meek.  Many of the buttons belonged to her mother and my pal in Port Arthur Texas."  That makes me think that some of these are really old.  Can you believe my luck?  Oh, I just love it!

Don't touch it or you'll die

Yeah, I actually said that to Jane.  It was in reference to a great box that arrived last week from the even greater Meg.  She rocks.  And it couldn't have arrived at a better moment.  I came stumbling home from Target with a migraine looming and found the box sitting on the doorstep.  Look at the goodies she sent me...


This little votive and the decoupaged match box are so frigging cute.  I just love that the little elf is making a littler house!  And the Ritter Sport - YUM!!  And yes, that is what I was telling Jane to keep her paws off.  Angelique may be up for sharing, but not me.  That one is all mine.


Then there was this precious tissue holder.  Would you look at the great vintage goods that went into making it?  I love it!  Now, I have been sharing the tissues....Kate's nose has turned into a faucet and needs constant wiping.  I think she wants it for herself.  I am not giving this one up, but might make one or two for stocking stuffers.

After a couple Advil Migraine, I looked it all over again.  It was such a nice surprise and even nicer of Meg to think of me.  Oh, I am a lucky girl.  Thanks Meg!


Who doesn't like a good swap?  I returned home on Saturday to find this in my mailbox:


This gorgeous felted poppy pin was made for me by Sarah.  Not only did she make this for me, she is kind enough to share her pattern.  You can find it here.  When I first saw it on her site, I knew it would look great on my black and white check winter coat.  But the more I thought about it, I knew that it would be even better on my very own flapper hat.


I knit this in the car while traveling to Chicago for Thanksgiving.  Once again, I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that yarn!  And like the others, this one knit up fast and easy.  Woo hoo!  It is the best color green and fits perfectly.


I was right - they were made for each other.  Thanks Sarah!  You've got me smiling!

Back Home


Fatty and I arrived home last night.  We had a great weekend getaway to Jamaica!  And no, it wasn't his birthday present.  You see, Fatty sells beer and those good folks at Red Stripe treated us to four days away which just happened to coincide with his birthday.  Nice, huh?  So thank you Red Stripe!  We ate and drank far too much, but had a nice relaxing weekend.  I wish I could say the same for my parents who flew in to watch the girls - the furnace went out, Kate was sick and there were some issues with our alarm system.  Yikes...we owe them big!

Some nice mail was waiting for me when I got home.  First a package from Superbuzzy...


They have lots of cute things over at their site.  I don't have any grand plans for these new fabrics, but I still have two Archies to make and all of the dolls' accessories....these might just fit the bill.

I also got these sweet postcards from Alicia.  Do I ever love her style!!  Just the perfect thing to put me in the Christmas spirit.


And speaking of the holidays...there is nothing quite like putting a bathing suit on the week before Thanksgiving to remind me that a little pie will take me a long way!

Oh....lest I forget....  Big Birthday Greetings headed your way Nolan!  Hope you have a great day!

Worth the wait

It is here!  The package from Susan finally arrived!  And let me tell you, I am a happy girl.  A VERY happy girl.


I especially love how she wrapped them up.  The pink, brown and orange paper is great looking and I adore the wide, pink satin the earrings came wrapped in.


Check out the cute card Susan uses to hold her wares.  Love it!


These Sulu Design earrings are so beautiful and so well made.  The beads are a gorgeous brown that compliments my red hair.  When the light hits them, they sparkle a bit, too!


Thank you Susan!!!  The earrings arrived at the end of a very long week - perfect timing to brighten my Saturday.  Susan has more of her gorgeous jewelry for sale in her shop - check it out.  You will not be disappointed!!!

Swapping was really fun.  Susan received my package earlier this week.  Check out her site to see what I sent her!