Big Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt Destash TODAY

Amh fabrid destash

Ds fabric destash

Although it saddens me to part with it, I will be destashing a large quantity of Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt fabrics this afternoon. The fabrics will be in bundles as there is far too much to list individually. There will be more than enough in each bundle to make a quilt (or two!). You can find all the listings in my Big Cartel Store at 3:00 pm EST today.



Scrap bags are BACK!

Scrap bags

Stopping by quickly to let you know that I restocked my little shop with scrap bags. Again, I have sorted them by size  - Large bags have medium to large scraps that will be great to cut up and use in patchwork of all kinds. They each have 1 1/2 yards of fabric by weight (8 to 9 oz.) and have been sorted by cool colors, warm colors and mixed colors (warm & cool). The small bags have little scraps that work well in scrappy log cabins, English paper piecing, applique accents, etc. They are also sorted by color and contain 1/2 yard by weight (2.5 to 3 oz.). AND there are a few camera straps which I have marked down if you are so inclined.

Back to sewing...the perfect opportunity to make more scraps!

Interview and Giveaway on Wise Craft (and More)...

Paperpiecing 1

Paperpiecing 2

Hi! Happy Weeeknd! Gratuitous photos of my paper piecing from earlier this week because I cannot post without some photos....

A couple of things:

- Blair of wise craft fame interviewed me about QuiltEssential over on her blog. I was so happy to share more about my book and to talk a little bit about the writing process. Pop over there to read the interview and for a chance to win a copy of your own.

- Quilt market is in less than a week and I will be there! I'll be signing books at the Stash Books booth on Sunday at 11:00. If you are at market, please stop by and say hello. I'd love to meet you.

- There are just a few bags of smalls scraps left in the shop, so if you want one, grab them before they are gone.

Ok. I think that's it. I've got big sewing plans for the weekend. You?

Scrap bags are in the shop!


I've gone through all of my studio scraps from the last two years or so and packaged the medium and large ones up in gallon-sized bags for sale. I'm offering them sorted by cool colors, warm colors, mixed (cool and warm together) and even some white/cream scraps. You can find them now in the shop!

I was ruthless, keeping very little for myself, which means that once these bags are gone, they are gone. The only exception is that some small bags of my smallest scraps will hit the shop later this week or early next week. I have a little tutorial in the works that uses these gems and want that ready when they go on sale. Stay tuned.

Camera straps, books and more!

Stacks 2


In a somewhat spur of the moment decision on Friday night, I started pulling fabrics for a new batch of camera straps. It's been a very long time since I've made any, mostly because I was busy writing a book and then recuperating from writing said book. And so now seemed like as good of a time as any to jump back in. The girls are back in school. I am finished traveling for a couple of months. I don't have a big project on my plate at the moment. So, there you have it: camera straps coming soon.

I've chosen fabrics for four colorways and am thinking of adding a fifth one. Any requests for color combinations? I'm all ears.

In other news, a large box of books arrived here this week! I cannot tell you how surreal it is to know that QuiltEssential is out in the world. I am thrilled with how QuiltEssential came together and hope you will enjoy it, too. I'll be adding those to the shop soon as well and will be happy to sign them however you want me to - for you, for someone else, whatever you desire. There should be some scrap bags and some bundles of destashed fabrics for sale in the near future, too. I don't think there will be one huge shop restock, but rather, I'll add things as I finish them. At least, that's my plan. Regardless, I will let you know before anything I list anything. Sound good?

Stacks 3

Crazy, but so good, right?

Hello there.

January 19

I feel like the blog has been neglected a bit lately. And when I start feeling that way, I also feel that I need to check in even though I don't really have much to share. I know it's my space and that I can do what I please, but I like it here even when there isn't much going on.

So, hi.

I just got over a terrible cold. No fun.

The girls should be walking in the door from school any minute and I just pulled chocolate chip cookies out of the oven for them. Nice, right? Selfishly, I am hoping that a little treat will help make homework and chores and errands go smoothly, but it's probably just a wish. Doesn't hurt to try, though.

I've been sewing a bit. It's a little project that I have to keep under wraps for the time being. That said, I pulled out the nice fabric for it. That Liberty of London up there? It wasn't doing me any good sitting on my shelf so I cut it. It felt great. I should do that more often.

I've got a mess of scraps that need dealing with. Most of them are small-ish in size. They'd be perfect for potholders and the like. I've thought about making little kits with the scraps and batting, plus a pattern for a few different types of potholders. They would be reasonably priced. What do you think? Is there any interest in that? Let me know.

I'm scrapbooking, but I guess that deserves a post of it's own. Soon.

Ok. The girls are home. I'm going to make some smoothies to go with cookies.

Camera straps!

November 22

All these glorious patchwork strips have been turned into camera straps that are now available in my shop! I'm pretty excited about this group of colorways and even considered holding one back for myself, but I didn't. The fact is, I couldn't choose which one to keep.

If you are so inclined, please take a look. I'll keep the shop open until December 15th or the merchandise is sold out. I'm happy to ship straight to your gift recipient and enclose a gift card if you need one - just let me know in the notes to seller part when you get to paypal. I'll also ship overseas, but cannot guarantee Christmas delivery. Generally, anything shipped overseas by December 5th should get there, but unfortunately the post office won't make a promise, so neither will I.

Time for me to clean up the sewing mess and get this house spiffy for Christmas. Back here soon.

The shop is open

Impromptu coaster
Stacked straps

Some scenes from my workspace in the family room yesterday afternoon. Fabric scraps work well for an impromptu coaster, in case you were wondering.

I've just re-opened the House on Hill Road Shop. It's newly stocked with patchwork camera straps in six different colorways. I had a lot of fun putting these colorways together. It had been over six months since I last sat down to make camera straps and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy pairing prints and colors. And as I was getting the shop ready to go, I was amazed to see that I have now made 40 different fabric combinations into camera straps. It seems so crazy - 40?  My god- that is a lot! Please take a look, if you are so inclined. I appreciate all of your continued support. My blog readers and customers really are the best. You know it.

Shop news

Patchwork strips

I've been busy sewing up patchwork strips for camera straps. Consequently, there is a shop update planned for Monday, July 18th, the exact time to be determined. Most likely I won't be able to make any additional straps until after my kids are back in school. I mention that in case you might want one as a gift.

All righty. Back to it. See you soon.

Five new colorways of camera straps in the shop


This is one of five (!) colorways of patchwork camera straps that I just put in the shop.  I finally broke down and cut into my Hope Valley stash.  I love these prints so much - I am not sure why I waited so long to use them.

Have a good weekend, everyone.  See you back here next week.  I actually have some finished things to show.  Woot!

What I'm working on

Proverbial 3

Proverbial 1

I'm trying to make December enjoyable.  Imagine that!  For me, that means cutting waaaaay back on my own expectations of myself and, in turn, I hope that will reduce the holiday stress.  To that end, I am making just one gift this year.  Shocking, but true.  I spent some time working on this one word proverbial quilt last night and this morning.  I really like how it's coming together.

Also coming together are the latest batch of camera straps.  The final shop update for 2010 will take place on Friday, December 3 at 2:00 pm EST.  Everything sold on Friday or over the weekend will ship on Monday, December 6th.  Anything sold after the weekend will ship within two business days.  I am happy to ship overseas, but I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery.  That said, in my experience, air mail to most places any other time of the year takes about 10 business days.  You might want to keep that in mind.

It's 50 degrees outside.  I'm going to take this opportunity to hang the garland.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. And I am getting kind of giddy.

Shop, quilt and pillow talk

October 17

Line of labels

Not that kind of pillow talk. Sheesh.

I spent a great deal of time sewing this weekend.  Those scraps on the floor are just a small portion of the big pile left over.  Consequently, I have three new colorways of camera straps that will go in the shop on Thursday.  I'll update it at 1 p.m. EST.  Sound good?  I don't think there will be any scrap bags yet, but if all goes well, there may be something else.  I hate to be cryptic, but it's all about timing such. And speaking of timing, there will be one last shop update in late November.  So it's now or November to get a camera strap before the holidays.  Just so you know.

October 18

I took this photo last night with quilts on the brain.  Specifically, how I really want to make one or two, or five right now. Right. Now.  The more I look at it, though, the more I feel that my family room needs some new pillows.  I had those chairs slipcovered this summer and got stalled on the re-decorating front.  I have this crazy notion to make a pillow a day for a week.  At least that would give me something to blog about.  Until I manage to get to the quilts, that is.

Shop update postponed

September 19

I'm postponing the shop update until Wednesday, September 22 at 12:30 EST.  I hate to do this with little notice, but being sick most of last week just put me behind in all endeavors.  This will be the biggest group of camera straps to date - five colorways and a total of 48 camera straps.  If I have time, I'll put a few scrap bags in there too.

All right.  I'm turning the sewing machine off and going to bed.

Oh, and don't forget that Meg is hosting her Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week.  I plan on joining in as soon as I can. Jane actually wants me to sew her something!

Shop news


I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I knew I was fighting something after I slept for 9 hours on Thursday night and 11 hours on Friday night.  I felt good on Saturday, but yesterday I woke up with an achy body.  I'm resting up, drinking lots of tea with honey and hoping that tomorrow I'm back to feeling myself again.

I had planned on updating the shop this week, but it'll be next Monday, September 20th instead.  When people email me and ask when I will have more camera straps available, I always respond that I will announce the update a week in advance.  Consider this the requisite announcement.  I haven't pinpointed a time yet - I'll let you know that later this week.  I'm going to try to have five colorways available this time.  I also plan on doing two more shop updates this year - one in October and one in November.  More details on those specific dates as they get closer.

Back here soon with more news. Until then, take care.

Shop update on Friday

April 11 2

That is a whole pile of happy, if you ask me.

I had planned on updating the shop on Thursday, but a quick consult of the calendar alerted me that I can't be home in front of the computer.  So Friday it will be.  Friday, April 16 at 12:00 noon EST to be exact.  Expect at least three colorways of camera straps and, if I really get my act together, scrap bags.

Now I need to figure out how I am going to keep the critters out of my raised beds.  I didn't have that problem last summer, but something(s) had fun digging in there last night.  I don't think I lost anything, but I don't want to either! Time for chicken wire, I think.

Hope Monday is treating you fine.